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Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor for HelpforAgingVeterans.com

Please read the following regarding becoming a contributor.

Contributors received/are allowed the following:

1. You must have a complete mini-site.

  • You must fill out our information form and you must provide a logo and photo of the person who will be considered the “face” of the company.
  • Mini-sites are completely Search Engine Optimized for your company in your local area.
  • This means that you may find this mini-site showing up on the first page of Google for terms like “veterans home care xxx city, xxx state” before too long!
  • You will notice that none of your direct competitors are listed on your mini-site. It’s all about you.
  • Although there is not a fee to contribute articles, there is a set up and monthly fee for your profile/mini-website. The cost is minimal at $20.00 setup and $14.95 per month. You may cancel at any time. When you cancel, all materials will be deleted.
  • Here are a few samples so that you understand what we mean by “mini-site”.

2. Optional but Recommended: You may contribute up to 4 completely unique articles each month for your mini-site (not mandatory). We will post them for you.

  • All articles must pass the “unique” test, which means they must be 75% unique.
  • We use Copyscape.com  to test all articles.
  • Any articles that appear to be a duplicate of other content available online will be rejected.
  • You do not have to ever contribute to the site, but we know that if you do, your chances of showing up on the first page of Google increase dramatically.
  • Don’t have time? We will write articles for you…the fee is $30 per article. Email valerie@ltcep.com for more info.

3. Optional but Recommended for Home Care Agencies – Generate more revenue with Veterans Home Care’s VetAssist Program. 

Veterans Home Care’s VetAssist® Program + Home Care Providers = VetAssist® Program Partners: A Unique Opportunity

The VetAssist® Program adds value to your client relationships. There’s no cost to your agency to be a VetAssist® Program Partner – and they do all the work! It couldn’t be simpler:VetAssist-ProgramPartner (1) 

  • You refer a client to Veterans Home Care and we help with the VA pension application;
  • They keep you informed of progress and let you know when the application goes to the VA so you can begin care;
  • Your caregivers begin home care; Veterans Home Care handles client invoicing and regularly pays you for all the services you provide to “Aid & Attendance” clients.

VetAssist® Program Partner = Value to Your Home Care Agency 

  • Increased volume of clients, including many who could not otherwise afford your quality services;
  • Payment for your services, with reduced financial risk to you;

Administrative cost savings.

The VetAssist® Program = Value to Clients

  • Assistance with complicated VA application process;
  • Access to quality home care with no up-front costs, and without waiting for pension payments to begin;
  • The comfort of remaining in their own homes and living with dignity.

**Please note that you can sign up for The VetAssist® Program without any obligation to be listed on this site. There is no fee to sign up for VetAssist.** See www.VHCprovider.com


To get started with your mini-site and increase your local visibility, make your payment for your profile/mini-site. The setup fee is $20 and the monthly fee is $14.95.

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